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How To Ruin A Photo Op: Obama Poses With Troops As U2 Love Song Blasts On Live Feed

Let’s say that you’re an embattled president currently leading a bitterly divided country, with conservatives painting you as nothing but a media manufactured political celebrity. You then make a surprise trip to a war zone to give a speech to the troops and, afterwards, walk around shaking their hands. This should be a great moment for you. Nice and easy, right? Pop quiz: What’s a perfect way to ruin it? How about blasting a U2 song with the chorus “You look beautiful tonight” in the hangar and over the military feed? Nailed it!

This is one of those moments (like Sarah Palin’s infamous turkey video) where the problem is not at all the fault of the politician. It’s just one of those things, though, where you’re watching it and thinking, “God, this just crystallizes everything the president’s enemies think about him.” Photo ops are frequently set to big, populous, arena rock, but couldn’t they find any song that sounds just a little bit tougher?

Basically, it’s as if George W. Bush had met with the world’s foremost thinkers and the press guys had decided to pipe in a Larry the Cable Guy record over the speakers.

Check out the clip from C-Span below:

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