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Huffington Post Digs Up RACY Video of Scott Brown’s Wife

While not quite on par with the masturbating walrus, Huffington Post’s latest foray into trashy hype fairly drips class, as they announce “Scott Brown’s Wife’s RACY Music Video Uncovered,” complete with an awesome screenshot of the Senator-elect’s wife causing a sunscreen eruption.

I realize that we’re using the same exact video and screenshot, but it’s for the criticism, so it’s OK. Plus, ours says “Mediaite” on it, so you know it’s quality.

As with the aforementioned aquatic self-sex machine, my objection here isn’t a prudish one. I just think if you’re going to be trashy, you ought to go about it with some flair, some imagination. All they’re doing is saying “LOOK!”

In the video (BELOW), Huff struts around and sunbathes in a black bikini, the top of which she removes at one point before diving into water. At the song’s climax, she suggestively squeezes a tube of sunscreen, perhaps explaining the curiosity of this girl’s hand.

“The song’s climax,” haha, I see what you did there. Why not “These aren’t the sorts of jobs voters are interested in?” (Well, that’s probably not true of at least half of them.)

They also just dance around the point of the post, which I think is that she’s a Republican wife, so she’s a hypocrite for being sexy. Well, the 80’s version of sexy. If so, I don’t get it, I think the curiosity described in the song fits in perfectly with abstinence.

Not only that, it’s lazy. Did it ever chart (no)? Where’s the band now (trolling Wustah message boards)? Where did that guy get an electric lute (maybe here?)? Why did she get arrested at the end (I think because she tried to roofie the lead singer)? Dammit, wait 20 minutes to hit the Google and make something worth reading.

As for the video, I think it’s pretty good by the standards of the time. The song is a catchy cross between “The Safety Dance” and “Willy and the Hand Jive,” and you’ve got to hand it to the future Mrs. Brown, she’s workin’ it. Plus, there’s a neat bit of political foreshadowing, as the video features a rather sinister tea party.

On the other hand (sorry), it is weird to watch now that she’s married and is a mom. Kinda ruins all the fun. Maybe that’s the whole point, to embarrass Gail Huff. Check the video out, and I’m sure anyone who remembers 80’s music videos will agree, Brown’s wife has nothing to be ashamed of.

As for all of the attention being paid to the women in Scott Brown’s life, no good can come of it. I agree the “They’re available” thing was weird, although not a sign of latent homicidal tendencies like Glenn Beck (that guy has issues), but that and the digging up of pictures of Brown with his bikini-clad daughters are veering into yellow territory. They should be left out of it.

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