Hugh Hewitt Apologizes for Saying Joe Biden ‘Transgendered’ Into Ocasio-Cortez (UPDATE)


MSNBC contributor Hugh Hewitt said former Vice President Joe Biden has “transgendered into” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), suggesting the rising Democratic socialist star is similar to Biden in saying “outlandish things.”

“Biden has actually gone through the time machine and transgendered into Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,” Hewitt said in a segment of today’s Salem Radio’s Hugh Hewitt Show clipped by the progressive media watchdog group Media Matters. “This was Joe Biden — she’s going to fill the Biden gap. The Biden gap concerned me. Some day Joe will leave the public stage and we will not have people who will say outlandish things. But now the Biden gap is filled.”

Previously in the segment, the right-wing pundit said Ocasio-Cortez “is a wonderful person,” and sarcastically praised her “youthful energy, unmoved by her inexperience, confident in her lack of knowledge, and completely charismatic.”

“I think we can start an AOC Mad Libs game. Just basically start cutting up, ‘this is our World War II,'” Hewitt continued, referencing Ocasio-Cortez’s climate change-related existential crisis warnings. “This is our World War II, you’re going to have to have 60 million dead people in five years. Six years, 60 million people. You’re going to have to have the Iron Curtain come down. I would love to talk to her. Just a long extended conversation where the word salad doesn’t hold up. It wilts in the heat. Not hardball, just keep talking. She’s just wonderful. She’s my favorite person in America.”

UPDATE: Hewitt has since apologized on Twitter for the comments.

Watch above, via Media Matters and Salem Radio.

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