‘I Have Serious Questions’: Adam Schiff Refuses to Endorse Comey After Chris Hayes Presses Him


One day after James Comey‘s heated appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, the FBI Director will be back in the hot seat — as he’s set to meet behind closed doors with the House Intelligence Committee.

That committee’s ranking democrat, Adam Schiff, expressed some serious skepticism about Comey’s testimony on Wednesday, and is refusing to give him a vote of confidence as he continues to direct the FBI’s investigation into Russia’s election interference.

Appearing on All In with Chris Hayes, the host asked the Congressman whether he trusts Comey to lead the probe.

“I think the decision last year was the exercise of very poor judgment by the director,” Schiff said, referring to his Oct. 28 letter to Congress announcing the investigation of Anthony Weiner‘s computer in the Hillary Clinton email probe. “That has politicized, that has dragged the bureau into the political process in a way that’s going to be difficult to repair.”

But Hayes refused to let the ranking Intelligence Committee democrat off the hook.

“I do want to repeat the question because respectfully that wasn’t an answer,” Hayes said. “Do you have confidence in Director Comey, and do you trust him and trust his judgment to undertake this investigation?”

Even after being pressed by Hayes, Schiff refused to say that he does, indeed, trust the FBI Director’s judgment.

“Well, you know, my answer, as you can gather, is I have serious questions about the judgment he exercised last year,” Schiff said. “I have to hope that he’s going to do better with this investigation.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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