‘I Think We’re Done’: Joy Reid Cuts Off Guest for ‘Incredibly Offensive’ Remarks


MSNBC’s Joy Reid abruptly cut off a guest on her show this morning after remarks he made that she called out as “incredibly offensive.”

Former Republican congressman and current Newsmax host J.D. Hayworth was debating immigration with Reid, actress Rosie Perez, and journalist Maria Hinojosa.

At one point Hinojosa scolded Hayworth for dismissing the outrage as hysteria, she said, “You can say that because of your position of privilege… as a white man.” Hayworth shot back that she’s being divisive.

Reid scolded Hayworth more than once for talking over the others. Hayworth kept pushing back on the questions about the plight of illegal immigrants, telling them, “I know facts are stubborn things, and I know you want to spin this false narrative this morning.”

Reid brought up how an undocumented woman went to a courthouse in Texas after alleged domestic abuse and how she ended up being arrested by ICE agents. She asked Hayworth if that bothers him and he said he’s very concerned about Latino-on-Latino violence in the D.C. area.

Reid shot back, “You’re trying to ascribe violence to an entire race of people… as the answer to my question?”

Hayworth immediately accused her of using the “MSNBC script” to portray conservative guests as the bad guys. When Reid asked him about members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus who were reportedly asked to leave a meeting with the acting director of ICE, he pushed back against her “narrative” and invoked the controversy over Elizabeth Warren‘s heritage.

Reid went off on Hayworth for throwing out non-sequiturs, telling him “I think we’re done with this” and scolding him for his “incredibly offensive” remarks.

Watch the full segment above, via MSNBC.

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