‘I Won’t Be Able to Ski on the Slushy Slopes of Sochi’: GOP Sen. Devastated by Russian Sanctions


Russia issuing sanctions against U.S. politicians has managed to confirm one thing for us: yes, politicians do actually have a sense of humor. The latest example of this is Indiana Senator Dan Coats taking a page from the David Letterman playbook with a list of Top 10 Reasons he’s truly devastated by this news.

Russia issued sanctions against U.S. officials after the U.S. did the same to Russian individuals with ties to the government (because apparently foreign policy can now be reduced to “I’m rubber, you’re glue”), and at least one of the Russians sanctioned thinks it’s hilarious he’s being punished by being prevented from going to the United States.

On the other side, you’ve had a number of U.S. politicians making light of Russia’s sanctions, and now Coats is getting in on the action.

You can catch Senator Coats opening at the Comedy Cellar next week.

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