Is This Town Really Going to Force Its Residents to Own Guns?

The town of Nelson, George settled its dispute with the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence over a city ordinance that would have required every resident to own a gun and ammunition.

“The City will amend the ordinance to make clear that the Constitution protects the individual right to maintain a gun-free home,” the Brady Center said in a statement. “The amended statute will say that the gun ownership mandate cannot be enforced and that there will be no penalties for non-compliance.”

Nelson had passed the ordinance on April 1st—and it apparently was not an April Fool’s joke—requiring all residents to own a firearm, barring those with disabilities, felons, or those whose religious beliefs conflicted with the law. The Brady Center filed suit, alleging the ordinance violated the First, Second, and Fourteenth Amendments.

The Nelson City Council voted 5-0 to accept the new language.

Read the full statement HERE.

[h/t TPM]

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