Israeli Newspaper Corrects Natalie Portman’s Translation of the Hebrew Word for ‘A**hole’


Earlier this week, Natalie Portman made a video for Vanity Fair in which she teaches some Hebrew slang. It seems, however, that she got some of the words wrong. Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper, is setting the record straight, and the article goes pretty deep on the actual translation for words and phrases like “son of a whore” and “a**hole.”

The article argues that the phrase ben zona which, according to Portman means “son of a whore,” is actually not slang, but rather a “common insult.” What is slang is another use for the phrase. Ben zona is also used to mean “excellent.” Also incorrect, apparently, is her association of the word balagan, which means “mess,” with the English word balcony.

Last but not least, Haaretz says the word “manyak” does not, as Portman says, mean maniac. It means “a**hole.”

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