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‘It Was Boring in Places — He Looked Tired’: CNN Panelist Slams Trump’s CPAC Speech

Following President Donald Trump‘s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) speech — which featured more instances of the president taking shots at the media and airing other grievances — CNN political reporter Nia-Malika Henderson took some pointed shots at the president.

Asked by host Brianna Keilar about POTUS’s remarks on Obamacare during his address while polls show the health care law is at an all-time high in popularity, Henderson brought up the high energy of voters at town halls lately. She also mentioned John Boehner’s recent comments about repeal-and-replace essentially being a farce before moving onto Trump’s performance.

“This speech I thought was overly long,” she said. “It was boring in places. And flat. He looked tired.”

After Henderson stated her hope that Trump’s speechwriters “didn’t really work on this” and were saving themselves for Tuesday’s address before Congress, she added some more commentary. Noting that he brought up superdelegates and Bernie Sanders, Henderson remarked that Trump obviously wants to keep bragging about winning the election.

“He seems to get bored when he’s talking about things he’s done like pulling out of TPP,” the CNN reporter explained. “You wonder if at some point in time they’re going to move on from some of this material and really have a forward-looking speech.”

She ended by noting that everyday appears to be Festivus for Trump as he’s constantly airing grievances.

Watch the conversation above, via CNN.

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