‘It’s Accepted Science’: Shepard Smith Hits GOP, Trump For Making Climate Change a ‘Political Issue’


Shepard Smith covered the new Federal climate change report that warned of dire economic and environmental consequences unless action is taken to curb global warming. The Fox News anchor accused Republicans of turning climate science into a “political issue” and the Trump administration of burying the report on a holiday.

“Heatwaves are getting stronger, floods are growing larger, wildfires are obliterating more of America’s landscape — it’s because of climate change that’s largely man made,” Smith said. “Our burning of fossil fuels is damaging planet Earth and the time to stop it is running out.”

“By the end of the century climate change could shrink the U.S. Economy by hundreds of billions of dollars,” he continued. “That is the warning in a new report released on Friday, ahead of schedule, by the Trump Administration.”

Smith went on to outline the consequences of climate change detailed by the report, the product of research by 14 federal agencies.

“The climate science is accepted science,” Smith said. “Governments across the nation are spending billions preparing for what’s to come. The U.S. military too, billions of dollars. This is not a political issue, it’s science. But some have made it political — especially Republicans. As a result, a lot of folks have missed this report. It was dropped, as I said, ahead of schedule on Black Friday, when a lot of Americans are busy shopping, eating Thanksgiving leftovers and spending time with the family. But it’s extremely important.”

Trump himself rejected the finding of his administration’s report on Monday, saying, “I don’t believe it.”

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