It’s Tina Brown’s World, Hillary Clinton Just Lives In It


s-TINA-BROWN-BILL-CLINTON-HILLARY-CLINTON-largeAll the world’s a stage and Tina Brown is apparently holding the strings. Right on cue The Daily Beast editrix is responding to Hillary’s Clinton’s interview with Ann Curry earlier this week, during which Clinton touched upon the ‘invisible’ meme that plagued her this summer. Read the opener of Brown’s “Hillary and the ‘Woman Thing'” and see if you can spot what’s missing.

Hillary Clinton has spent her entire career looking bug-eyed with incredulity when an interviewer asks her whatever question she most expects at that moment. Her theatrical bemusement was more convincing than usual on Monday’s Today show, however, when Ann Curry asked what she says to people who are “concerned that you have been marginalized.” After dismissing the whole notion as “absurd,” she said: “I’m not one of these people who feels like I have to have my face in the front of the newspaper or on TV every moment of the day. I would be irresponsible and negligent were I to say, ‘Oh, no. everything must come to me.’ Now maybe that is a woman’s thing.”

Maybe that is a woman’s thing! Maybe. Maybe it’s also the Hillary meme Tina Brown, herself created this past July when she penned the is ‘Hillary is Invisible’ piece for the Daily Beast, something she neglects to mention here but was perfectly thrilled to take credit for when touting the Daily Beast’s one year traffic numbers the other week, so we know for sure it’s not a memory thing.

We’ve wondered before whether Brown hasn’t been using her Beast platform in an attempt to write the Clinton’s back onto center stage in order to plump up her prospective audience for The Clinton Chronicles Brown’s upcoming tome on the nations political power couple. But considering the Secretary of State is still answering a question put forth by Brown in a column three months, she perhaps may want to consider checking in with Tina and company to find out what they have determined her latest iteration to be. Maybe it’s a media woman’s thing.

Meanwhile looks like Tina may need a new chapter because she appears to have grown bored with Invisible HiIlary and moved on to a “tough-minded, clear and focused” Hillary who has “learned how to circumnavigate that tiresome phallic competition and acknowledged what’s different—and valuable—about her own female nature.” Also? She apparently has Bill under control. Let’s hope someone is keeping the real Hillary in the loop.

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