James Comey Opens Senate Hearing Touting Female Genital Mutilation Case

At the start of today’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing regarding FBI oversight, FBI Director James Comey opened up with remarks that touched on a number of subjects while being noticeably light on the one topic many would have liked to hear about — Russia.

After talking about counterintelligence and counterterrorism work, and briefly mentioning “bot nets” when it comes to Russian criminals, Comey then touched on a subject that has gotten a lot of coverage recently, especially in the conservative press.

This past week for the first time since Congress passed the statute making it a crime in the United States to engage in female genital mutilation, to mutilate little girls. It’s been a felony in the United States since 1996. We made the first case last week against doctors in Michigan for doing this terrifying thing to young girls all across the country with our partners in the Department of Homeland Security, we brought a case against two doctors for doing this to children.

Comey added that this is among the most important things the FBI does in terms of “protecting kids.”

The director was referring to the arrest of two Michigan doctors who have been charged with the genital mutilation of at least two young girls.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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