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Jeb Bush: Anti-Bush People Even Blame My Brother For Their ‘Sniffles’

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush surfaced at a campaign stop for Illinois gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady today, where he fielded a question about the national economic situation, and to what extent his older brother, former President George W. Bush, has a hand in it. With a half-shrug, half-smile, the younger Bush responded that he doesn’t take anti-Bush rhetoric too seriously, since those who hate him even blame him for their “sniffles.”

Brady, who is giving current governor Pat Quinn a run for his money despite being a Republican in a blue state, was asked a question at the campaign stop about his current endorser, and whether he was worried that “palling around with a guy named Bush” would do him harm politically. He answered wholehearted that he didn’t believe so, and that he was greatly enriched by Jeb Bush’s expertise.

As for Bush himself, when asked about his brother’s economic policies and criticisms of such, he answered, “When people wake up that are partisans and they have the sniffles, they blame my brother. That’s just the way it is.”

Video below:

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