Jeffrey Toobin on ‘Betrayed’ James Comey: ‘This is a Pissed Off Dude’

Hell hath no fury like a Comey scorned.

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin, appearing on The Situation Room Thursday, tried to get inside the head of former FBI Director James Comey following his blockbuster testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Toobin concluded that Comey was consumed by anger following his May 9 dismissal from the Bureau.

“He really feels so betrayed by these people,” Toobin said. “This is a human story as well. The fact that he wasn’t allowed to say good-bye to the FBI, which he obviously had this tremendous affection for, and the fact that they invented all these reasons for why he was fired — this is a pissed off dude.”

Toobin’s fellow panelist, Chris Cillizza, agreed with Toobin. And he cited a specific idea that he felt Comey took particular umbrage with.

“The time he was angriest and most emotional…when he was talking about that the FBI was sort of leaderless, that they didn’t respect him,” Cillizza “That was when you saw him genuinely angry.”

Anchor Wolf Blitzer cited the awkward manner in which Comey found out about his firing as something that truly got under the former Director’s skin.

“He learned that he was being fired when he looked up in Los Angeles at a TV screen, he thought it was a joke when someone on that TV screen said he had been fired,” Blitzer said. “He immediately resigned, as he had to. He couldn’t even go back and thank the men and women who he worked with for three-and-a-half years. And that really, really angered him.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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