Jerry Seinfeld to Trevor Noah: ‘You’re Gonna Do Just Fine’

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It’s been about two and a half months since Trevor Noah was spotted at the Mets home opener game with Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David. Now, in the latest episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, we finally find out how that historic meeting of the minds came to be.

As Noah made clear in the video, Seinfeld invited him to be a guest on the show before it was announced that he would be succeeding Jon Stewart as host of The Daily Show. The two comedians did not specifically address the controversy surrounding Noah’s Twitter history — despite Seinfeld’s general interest in the issue of “PC culture” — but Noah did tell the story of how he found out he’d gotten The Daily Show gig.

Along with the rest of The Daily Show correspondents, Noah said he was simply curious to find out who would be taking Stewart’s chair. He said he found out it was him when his manager called him in the middle of the night in Dubai asked, “How would you like to be the host of The Daily Show?”

“I get out the car, and I didn’t have legs,” he told Seinfeld. “You know in those movies where there’s an explosion? But instead of the sound of the explosion, you hear the silence… That’s literally what happened. And then the worst thing is, you’re in Dubai, which is one of the hardest places in the world to find a drink.”

“Let’s find a drink in this Muslim Middle-Eastern country,” he remembered thinking. “Even if we’re getting arrested, this is worth it. Let’s get that drink.”

Seinfeld could not wrap his mind around why Stewart would want to leave the show during the “juiciest” time of year, the cusp of a presidential election. “It’s a political comedy show and a presidential election’s coming up, how is that good timing?” he asked.

When Noah pointed out that Stewart has “an 8-year-old and a 10-year-old” and “it’s the juiciest time in their lives,” Seinfeld dismissed that argument as part of the “sick parenting culture we have in this country now.” Stewart has also said that he wanted to turn the show over to the new host before the election as it would give that person a much-needed boost of material and interest during their first year on the job.

Earlier in their conversation, Noah told Seinfeld that his daily routine right now as a comedian living in New York consists of essentially sleeping all day and performing stand-up sets most of the night.

“You’re gonna do just fine,” an approving, and potentially jealous Seinfeld said. “You are a purebred. Despite your mixed ethnic heritage, your comedic heritage is very purebred.”

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