Jim Norton Rails Against Outrage Culture, Defends Phil Roberton’s ‘Stupid’ Opinions

Comedian Jim Norton has a lot to say about political correctness and the near-constant cycle of internet outrage, topics he’s addressing in his new comedy special Contextually Inadequate.

Norton spoke to The Daily Beast about everything from joking about Bill Cosby to his tips for taking the best dick pics, but he also talks at great length about this outrage culture.

He places the blame partly on heightened college sensitivity towards different ideas and on how the media (MSNBC in particular) takes the outrage ball and inflates it.

And Norton places the blame on all of us:

“Regular people are the problem. It’s not the government, it’s not the invasive Big Brother, it’s the fact that we’re a nation of snitches and nosey people who then cry when somebody wants our personal information. I’m talking about people who are being voyeuristic to people’s privacy. Like Tiger Woods’ text messages were private. Donald Sterling’s conversations were private.”

And his line of thinking even extends to Phil Robertson‘s now-infamous comments about homosexuality. Norton said he thinks the Duck Dynasty star’s views on gay marriage are “stupid,” but “in a country where we want an honest conversation, we have to realize that part of the honest conversation is hearing things we don’t like and discussing them.”

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