Jimmy Kimmel Debuts Promo For His New Game Show, ‘Are You Smarter Than Gary Johnson?’

Libertarian candidate for President Gary Johnson is facing slim odds at becoming the next Commander in Chief of the United States.

In polling data that includes third party candidates, the former New Mexico governor is polling nationally at 7% compared to 40.6% for Donald Trump and 44.1% for Hillary Clinton. On top of his impossible-to-overcome statistical odds of victory, the candidate has had a string of embarrassing headlines in the last month, but at least Jimmy Kimmel seems to have his back.

“I do want to defend Gary Johnson for a second,” the late night host said Thursday. “I’m tired of the lamestream media asking these gotcha questions. At this point I think it’s pretty clear that Gary Johnson doesn’t know anything at all. Stop asking him questions about foreign leaders! It feels abusive.”

It did serve as the perfect segue however to debut a promo for the newest ABC game show: Are You Smarter Than Gary Johnson?

“He’s not a fifth grader!” says the voiceover in the promo, “but he might as well be,” as footage rolls chronicling some of Johnson’s most unsightly moments from the past four weeks, including my personal favorite: when the former governor stuck his tongue out bizarrely at NBC News’s Kasie Hunt.

Watch the promo above from Jimmy Kimmel Live.

[image via screengrab]

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