Joe Scarborough Not Feeling New Hillary Book: ‘This is Not Helping the Democratic Party’


What Happened?

If you’re Hillary Clinton, the answer to that question is, Sexism, James Comey, Bernie Sanders, Russia, Political Journalists — or possibly the High Sparrow.

During the closing minutes of Morning Joe, Wednesday the gang discussed the former presidential candidate’s book tour to sell her narrative of her 2016 campaign defeat.

The mood on set was cool, with Scarborough bluntly observing that “this is not helping the Democratic party.”

“I’ve heard from Democrats who have said I wish she wouldn’t be doing this,” said Scarborough “We have to focus on winning in 2018 and for the really aggressive Democrats, they say we need to take over the House we need to impeach Donald Trump and we need to get him out of the way and Hillary Clinton going around picking fights with Berne Sanders is not the thing to do … The person who is happiest that she’s doing this? He lives in the White House and his name is Donald Trump.”

JScar then added that “Republicans and certain news outlets” who have obsessed about the Clinton emails even eight months after the election may now feel emboldened to keep pressing the issue.

Scarborough denied me another headline by declining to elaborate on those “certain news outlets.”

“It’s been insane how Republicans and certain news outlets have focused on Hillary Clinton. Hillary’s email and this and that.” he said. “She has a right to do this and Hillary Clinton deserves to do what she wants to do after 40 years of public service … But this is not helping the Democratic party right now.”

… But my guess is he’ll still probably skim it.

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