What Happened?! Hillary Clinton Targets ‘Political Journalists’ As Blame Tour Continues

Surprise, surprise. Hillary Clinton has found even more people to blame for her defeat at the hands of Donald Trump last year.

What Happened hits the shelves today, and it contains the former secretary of state’s raw thoughts in the aftermath of her forsaken bid to become President of the United States. However, Clinton’s new memoir has also been slammed by critics and political observers who noticed how she is still projecting blame onto others instead of doing more reflection on her failings as a candidate.

CNN has flagged a new passage of the book where Clinton says Trump’s win was the media’s fault, and no one in the press wants to acknowledge that.

As a free reminder, here’s a brief list of the other people, institutions and things Clinton blames for her election loss:


James Comey

Vladimir Putin / Russia


Vast Right Wing Conspiracy


Bernie Sanders

Barack Obama

Joe Biden

New York Times

Anthony Weiner

The Electoral College

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