What Happened

What Happened? The Loudest Part of Hillary Clinton’s Book Tour is Her Silence on Harvey Weinstein

Hillary Clinton Slams Vladimir Putin For ‘Manspreading’

The Russians Are Coming! Hillary Clinton Calls Herself ‘Paula Revere’ on Russia Meddling

Hillary Clinton Gives Her Version of a UN Address on The Late Show

Hollywood Needs to Get Over The 2016 Election Already

What Happened? – Amazon Deletes Nasty Reviews of Hillary’s Book

Chris Matthews Asks Who Will Win Fight For Democratic Party: Moderates or ‘Updated’ Socialism

Hillary Rejects Concerns She’s Hurting Democrats: I’m ‘Out of Politics as a Candidate’

Hillary Clinton on Being ‘Shivved’ By Comey: He ‘Forever Changed History… But That’s in the Past’

Trump Goes Off on Clinton in Tweetstorm: She ‘Blames Everybody (and Every Thing) But Herself’

Hillary Clinton Recalls Awkward Encounter With Interior Sec, Who Previously Called Her The ‘Anti-Christ’

Sarah Sanders Knocks Hillary’s Book (Again): It’s Filled With a ‘Lot of False Narratives’

Joe Scarborough Not Feeling New Hillary Book: ‘This is Not Helping the Democratic Party’

Howard Dean Praises Rick Santorum on MSNBC

Hillary Clinton Acknowledges How Misogyny Played Role in Campaign Loss

Tomi Lahren Offers Anti-Hillary Word Blizzard on Hannity: ‘Don’t Start With the Sexism Charade’

Jimmy Kimmel Debuts Hillary Clinton’s Children’s Book ‘Losie the Pooh’

Sarah Sanders Rips ‘Sad’ Hillary: ‘Propping Up Book Sales With False and Reckless Attacks’

Clinton Running Mate Tim Kaine Says He Didn’t Get Advance Copy of Her Book … SAD

Hillary Clinton Literally Compares Herself to Game of Thrones Villainess Cersei Lannister in Her Book

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