Jon Stewart Connects Glenn Beck To Hannibal Lecter

Jon Stewart gave his take on the Sarah Palin/Glenn Beck hour-long interview-like discussion, and in the process, found a new person to compare Beck to – Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

Focusing on the setting and the overly friendly nature of the exchange, Stewart broke it down on last night’s Daily Show.

Beck and Palin sat in a restaurant looking out at the Statue of Liberty. “I picked this spot because of that statue and what it means,” he said in the interview.

“I guess they would have done the interview on the lap of the Lincoln Memorial but that would have been too dangerous as their presence would have risked giving Lincoln a raging freedom boner,” said Stewart. (Everyone got that visual?)

But then Stewart got into the ‘diary’ portion of the interview – when Beck started reading to Palin, about Palin, from his journal “This blind date somehow took an unexpected turn,” said Stewart, describing Palin’s facial expression as “like a moose in headlights.”

Then came The Silence of the Lambs. “She’s Clarice Starling trying not to agitate Dr. Lecter so that he will continue to help her solve the case,” he said.


Here’s Stewart’s Beck/Palin bit:

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