Journalist Tweets About Being Blocked by Greta Van Susteren After Correcting Her on Haiti

Greta Van Susteren‘s social media presence has been under a lot of scrutiny lately. After all, her abrupt walk-off of Fox News was shocking and her use of Twitter and Facebook to call out her former employer was riveting.

Not everyone can use the online extension of their personality for the best 100% of the time, of course.

Here is an interaction Van Susteren had with a follower:

That follower just so happens to be Jonathan M. Katz, a freelance journalist who often writes for the New York Times. If you can’t see the photos well, Katz asked Van Susteren for clarification on her comment that “most people” in Haiti are living on the street or in tents. She stood by her claim, asking if he’d been there.

That’s when he reminded her that he had been on her show to talk about Haiti because he’s considered an expert…

…and that’s when she blocked him.

We’ve all been there and blocked someone when we’ve gotten tired of interacting with them, but that makes this particular block no less amusing.

[image via screengrab]

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