Journalists Covering Story of Stolen iPad Prototype Somehow Forget a Human Was Kidnapped Too


Stories about stolen Apple prototypes cause shockwaves throughout the media, mainly because the sales of new Apple products are valued higher than the GDP of small countries. (Apple itself is worth more than the entire Russian stock exchange, though that says more about the Russian economy than it does about Apple.)

But the story about a man recently robbed and kidnapped by a California couple would hardly generate any buzz unless there was a stolen iPad prototype involved.

And yes, it is the most important thing about this story, according to this CNBC story titled “Apple ‘test’ iPad stolen from a Cupertino home: Report”:

Well, that has to be just one article, right? It can’t be possible that journalists would think a stolen iPad prototype, despite its immense value in the international technology market, is much more important than covering a person being kidnapped, yes?

The San Jose Mercury-News:

Apple Insider:

The Register:

PC Mag:

The man was eventually let go, and eventually notified the police about said kidnapping, though he was likely too embarrassed to admit that he’d trolled Craigslist for some action. Two people, Katherine Stump and Alexander Nejat, were eventually arrested for kidnapping and robbery, but the stolen iPad prototype has yet to be recovered.

Just throwing this out there: what if every Nigerian woman kidnapped by Boko Haram had a stolen iPad prototype on them? Maybe the media would cover their plight? Just a thought.

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