Journalists of All Stripes Slam NY Times for Stealth-Editing Clinton Story


A wide assortment of media figures on the left and right alike were harshly critical of The New York Times decision to stealth-edit its piece on a potential criminal probe into Hillary Clinton‘s emails.

That the Times edited its story overnight without any sort of correction was the rare story that had elements that made the left and right alike furious. Conservatives were angry that the Times appeared to soften a damaging Hillary Clinton story because they were pressured by the Clinton campaign. Liberals were angry that the Times published the harsher version to begin with, and then backtracked without admitting any sort of mistake.

Salon’s Joan Walsh:

[Note: @sulliview is the Twitter account of Times public editor Margaret Sullivan]

National Journal editor-in-chief Tim Grieve:

The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent:

NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen:

Fox News’ Monica Crowley:

The Daily Kos Elections account, run by the site’s political director David Nir:

The National Journal’s Ron Fournier wasn’t openly critical, but strongly questioned the logic behind the edits:

Ricochet’s Stephen Miller probably had the burn of the morning about the whole situation:

[Image via screengrab]
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