Joy Behar: By Declaring War on Media, Trump Is ‘Inoculating Himself’ Against Russia Bombshells

Donald Trump‘s war on the press is no big secret. His administration barred CNN, The New York Times, and other leading publications from a press gaggle on Friday, then he announced that he won’t be attending the White House Correspondents Dinner at all.

Today on The View, the ladies took on the subject of his beef with the media.

“What they don’t acknowledge is Trump’s role in all of this,” Jedediah Bila said of those who agree with Trump that the media is too hard on him. “Russia is not a small story. Trump feeds into this by doing and saying ridiculous things. He’s tweeting at people. He’s saying things about foreign countries that could potentially cause problems for us in the future. So it’s one thing to have a general conversation about media bias. That’s fair; we can do that. It’s another thing to say the media is here criminalizing Trump when he’s played a role in a lot of those things.”

She went on to say that if a person can’t handle the press doing their job, which is asking tough questions, they shouldn’t be in a position of power.

Joy Behar jumped in with, “What Trump is doing right now — this whole thing that the media’s the enemy, etc. — he is inoculating himself against what is coming down from Russia. They are investigating the crimes that they have committed before the election and maybe after. By vilifying the press, by saying it’s all fake, by saying don’t believe it, when all of it comes down, he can say ‘They lied. The press is making this up.'”

Bila noted that if that’s what he’s doing, he’s relying on the assumption that everyone is an idiot, to which Sunny Hostin conceded that people sure are believing Trump’s insistence that some media outlets are “fake news.”

“Stop lying to the people!” said Whoopi Goldberg. “Then maybe people will stop trying to trip you up!”

Watch above.

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