Joy Behar Says That Jeff Sessions Must Be Racist If Even Strom Thurmond Was ‘Against Him’

Today on The View, the ladies discussed the confirmation hearing for Jeff Sessions, who will become Attorney General if the hearing goes well.

They’ve already made it clear how they feel about Sessions on the whole. Just like last time, Sunny Hostin expressed her concerns about the Attorney General setting “the tone” for the thousands of attorneys reporting to him. With Sessions’ history of what many see as racism, that “tone” could be a bad one.

It was Joy Behar who really tore into Sessions, though. She said this:

The real question that I have is, of all the lawyers, of all the people in the county you could have picked, of all the gin joints in all the world — he comes into mine. Why him? There are so many people to choose. Why would you picks somebody that’s tainted like that? Who has this horrible — do you realize that in 1986 he was rejected by the judiciary committee that was headed by Strom Thurmond? Nobody was more racist than Strom Thurmond and he was against him! Hello! Hello, America!

Watch above.

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