Katrina Pierson Blames Technical Malfunction for Trump Lawyer’s Stunned Silence on Polls


On Thursday afternoon MSNBC’s Kristen Welker played for Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson the video, which has since gone viral, of Trump’s special counsel Michael Cohen being stunned into silence when confronted with Trump’s low poll numbers. Pierson attempted to blame his muteness on technical difficulties.

“Have you accepted the fact that Donald Trump right now is down in the polls, the reality of this race?” Welker asked.

Pierson — who is, again, Trump’s national spokesperson — claimed that she had not seen the video — which, again, has gone viral since yesterday. “But it sounds like he couldn’t hear the anchor,” Pierson said.

Welker wasn’t having it. “Oh no, he could hear the anchor. No, no. He could hear the anchor,” she said. “That was never the issue.”

Pierson then exhumed an old (and false) Trump talking point about how he is doing just as poorly in the polls as Ronald Reagan was during his triumphant 1980 race — a statement which is less true now than when Trump first said it in April.

“At this level Ronald Reagan was extremely down and come November, he won in a landslide!” Pierson said. “This is how elections work!”

In fact, Reagan had a solid lead over Jimmy Carter in August 1980, while Trump currently trails in every national poll and battleground state poll.

Blaming technical difficulties for ill-considered answers is old hat for the Trump campaign. Pierson attributed her comments erroneously blaming Obama for the U.S.’s entrance into Afghanistan on “audio disruptions and echoes.” Trump blamed his failure to condemn former KKK leader David Duke on a “very bad earpiece.”

Sam Reisman (@thericeman) is a staff editor at Mediaite.

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