Keith Olbermann Mocks CNN’s Neutrality and Journalism

While discussing the healthcare reform bill with The Nation’s Chris Hayes on Countdown last night, Keith Olbermann spied the CNN headline “Dems Dropping Like Flies,” an example, he laughingly said, of “how neutral and completely journalistic they work it over there.” It didn’t stop there, though, as Keith peppered the remainder of the segment with shots at CNN’s overstatement of the rashlet of Democratic retirements.

This isn’t the first time that Keith has had words for CNN. Perhaps in response to Campbell Brown’s high-handed (and Lou-Dobbs-ignorant) assertion that “CNN is the only (cable news network) who is still doing journalism,” Keith recently referred to the network’s strategy as “nonsensical,” and compared them to a TV dinner (curious, since the issue seems to be CNN’s lack of tin foil).

In this segment, he seems to be pointing out that they’re not even executing that strategy well. In fairness, CNN isn’t the only outlet to spin the retirements as a Democratic massacre, a point that Rachel Maddow was quick to make, and push back against.


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