Krauthammer: There’s No ‘Epidemic of Transgenders Being Evil in Bathrooms’

krauthammerOn Fox News tonight, Charles Krauthammer dismissed the giant conservative freakout about transgenders using bathrooms of the gender they identify as. (Or, as Ted Cruz and others have put it, grown men leering at young girls in bathrooms.)

Laura Ingraham said this should be a state issue and “not exactly Rosa Parks on the bus here.” She warned that allowing transgenders into the bathrooms they feel comfortable in would lead to people exploiting the system to do harm.

Ingraham blamed the media for making this an issue, but Krauthammer pointed out this only became an issue in the first place because Republicans in North Carolina and other states decided this was a problem.

And in his opinion, it’s really not:

“This is a solution in search of an issue. I mean, do we really have an epidemic of transgenders being evil in bathrooms across the country? I haven’t heard of a single case.”

“It is not a major national problem,” he concluded, “and it should have been left that way.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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