Latino Activists Upset After Cadets Wear Sombreros to Army Football Game


West Point is under scrutiny from Latino activists after the military academy posted a picture online of cadets wearing sombreros at a recent Army football game.

Army football is 3-0 for the first time in 20 years after defeating the University of Texas El Paso 66-14 Saturday. Shortly afterwards, West Point posted a picture of cadets celebrating the win to its Facebook page.

El Paso lies right on the Mexican border, and a majority of UTEP students are Hispanic-American.

“To me, it’s an example of ‘Trumpism’ in that you are playing a school– University of Texas at El Paso– which is on the border and is a predominately Hispanic-serving institution and that has a student body that is predominately Mexican-American,” complained National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts CEO Felix Sanchez to Fox News.

“I am a huge sports fan, so I understand that trashing your opponents in silly and not-so-silly ways is part of the game,” the National Council of La Raza’s Lisa Navarrete told The Washington Post. “But I am also old enough to remember when banana peels were thrown at Georgetown University basketball players. Ugly bigotry is still ugly and offensive, even in the context of entertainment.”

But West Point’s not budging, and refuses to take down the image. “The photo was posted as part of the game’s festivities and West Point has no plans to remove the photo,” spokesman Lt. Col. Christopher Kasker said. “America’s diversity has always been one of the Army’s greatest strengths, as people of different backgrounds and cultures share their unique experiences and perspective to benefit all.”

[Image via West Point Military Academy]

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