Hacked Emails Reveal Photo of Shirtless Sanders Was Real Clinton Campaign Oppo for a While

Check out this tweet from our pal Jordan Chariton:

He was one of many to notice that the latest in the ever-increasing leaks of John Podesta‘s emails included a shirtless photo of former Democratic nominee contender Bernie Sanders.

The email containing the photo of Sanders hanging out by a pool at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee retreat came from Bill Clinton’s chief of staff, Tina Flournoy and was sent to Hillary Clinton’s national press secretary, Brian Fallon, along with Podesta.

Fallon said, “omg,” while Podesta asked if the campaign could tweet out the photo.

Ultimately, Fallon suggested that the New York Post should be given the photo, which ended up in the hands of notorious celebrity blogger and Clinton supporter Perez Hilton the next day. He captioned it, “I wonder what@MikeBloomberg would think about this??? ‘@BernieSanders lounges at elite Martha’s Vineyard pool, summer 2015, after helping raise money from Wall Street lobbyists.'”


[image: screengrab]

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