Liberal Host Cenk Uygur Steals ‘I’m With Her’ For Bernie Sanders Introduction


Supporters of independent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders were treated to a rousing introduction Wednesday afternoon by none other that Cenk Uygur, founder and host of pioneering internet news show The Young Turks and an enthusiastic Bernie Sanders supporter. At a yuge rally in Vallejo, California, Uygur whipped the crowd up by explaining what it is that supporters love about Bernie Sanders, and along the way, repurposed a catchphrase that’s very popular with supporters of Hillary Clinton:

Fifty years ago, when he fought for desegregation in Chicago, he didn’t do that for political calculation. He did that because he cares! When he chained himself to an African American woman to make sure that they couldn’t take her away either, he didn’t do that for political calculation. He did that because he cares! So when they were ready, the cops were at the time, ready to drag her away, he was the first to say “I’m with her!” And that’s when it mattered!

The hashtag #ImWithHer has long been an online rallying cry for Hillary Clinton supporters, while Sanders’ backers have used the hashtag #FeelTheBern. Sanders’ efforts during the Civil Rights Era have been well-documented since coming under dispute earlier in this campaign.

You can watch Uygur’s full introduction here, in which he takes aim at the “corporate media,” and leads the crowd in a rock-star greeting for Senator Sanders. The introduction earned a heartfelt “thank you” from Sanders, who nevertheless had trouble with the host’s name:

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