Limbaugh Asks CNN: How Would You React If Bush/Cheney Tried To Use Executive Order On Abortion?

On his radio show this afternoon, Rush Limbaugh challenged CNN to ponder how they’d react if President George W. Bush had invoked an executive order on abortion, in contrast to what he sees as a supportive attitude towards President Obama‘s invoking executive order on gun control.

“If George Bush, and Dick Cheney, and Alberto Gonzales got together and decided too many people were dying because of abortion in this country, and said that they were looking at ways to curb abortion, and one of the things they were doing was using executive orders on abortion,” Limbaugh said to CNN in particular, “what do you think your reaction would be? I’m telling you: outraged panic would set in.”

Limbaugh continued on to say that if Cheney had gotten up, the way VP Joe Biden has, and advocated for the use of executive orders as a means to mitigating a problem, CNN would be “having cows,” shouting, “You can’t do that! You can’t do that! You can’t do that! Abortion’s protected by the Constitution!”

The conservative radio host took a direct swipe at CNN anchor Carol Costello, who he believes laughed off the argument that “executive orders” may put the Second Amendment at risk. “If Bush talked about issuing an executive order on abortion, would Carol Costello be laughing at anybody who thought it might put abortion at risk?” he asked.

Listen below, via The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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