Limbaugh Defends Trump, Calls Refusal to Apologize ‘Great Teachable Moment’

PicMonkey Collage - LimbaughRush Limbaugh said that the national commotion surrounding Donald Trump‘s dismissal of John McCain‘s war heroism was the latest example of the media’s determination to take the words from an offending party and blow things out of proportion.

In his latest response to the firestorm Trump created when he said he only likes [war heroes] who weren’t captured, Trump wrote an op-ed piece for USA Today. Trump continued to blast all of the 2016 GOP candidates and media figures who slammed him, while also doubling down on his stance that McCain is “all talk” and that he has “abandoned our vets.”

Limbaugh said last week that he had similar feelings to Trump about McCain’s labeling of constituents as “crazies,” but on Monday, he described a “teachable moment” as he wondered why liberals could describe themselves as “nice people” when criticizing McCain, whereas Trump cannot.

“They have not seen an embattled public figure stand up for himself, double down and tell everybody to go to hell,” Limbaugh said. “Trump is not following the rules that targets are supposed to follow. Targets are supposed to immediately grovel, apologize.”

Limbaugh went on to say that the “architects of conventional wisdom” are not sure of what to do anymore because Trump refuses to apologize despite widespread speculation that this latest controversy means the end of his campaign. He went on to compare the controversy to those of his own past, saying the media was making its old mistake of depicting a moment of outrage of Washington and the media as a reflection of American public opinion:

By this time, the guilty party has apologized, is begging for forgiveness. And Trump is not. Now, remember, there’s a common assumption made every time one of these things happened. You know, I myself have stepped in it a couple times, folks, and each time — oh, yes, I have. I’ve stepped in it a couple times. And each time, the point is that each time I did the Drive-Bys thought they had me, right? I mean, I can go through: Michael J. Fox, Sandra Fluke, whatever it was, they thought that they had finally gotten rid of me.

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