Limbaugh: ‘Dems and Leftists’ Want to Genetically Modify Us to Combat Climate Change


rushlimbaughRush Limbaugh spent a chunk of his Wednesday radio show railing against the idea that scientists want to genetically alter humans to combat climate change.

After spending Monday discussing NASA’s announcement about water on Mars and claiming it was all a charade, the self-educated scientist doubled down on Tuesday’s show. “There is an agenda attached to this,” he said.

Now the 64-year-old conservative media figure has moved onto another topic of scientific fakery — climate change, and the efforts of the “lunatic libs” to genetically alter future generations of humans to combat it. I truly wish, in my heart of hearts, that I was making all of this up, but the transcript is there for the world to see on Limbaugh’s website.

Opening with an unintentionally ironic diatribe against Millennials, the radio host describes said generation as “[living] in perpetual fear of everything they hear in the news that’s gonna kill them or destroy them or destroy the planet. They believe this stuff.  And how anybody could believe this is beyond me, but that’s what I want to share with you.”

So what inspired Rush’s latest bit? “To Stop Climate Change, We Must Genetically Engineer Humans,” an article on the website Gizmodo, that asks whether or not we should consider “genetically engineering humans to slow our constant carbon contributions.” While the post does make use of recent research projects and discussions in the field of genetics, it by no means asserts that the only way to combat climate change is to change ourselves. It’s just an expository explanation of the current science for lay readers.

Unfortunately for Limbaugh, he missed this crucial part of the article’s character.

“Here you have people believing [in climate change] without question,” he said. “Young people believing it and getting scared and signing up for this, signing on to it and therefore agreeing to the most ridiculous things that Democrats and leftists around the world propose in order to solve the problem.”

Yes Rush, this is precisely what climate change is all about.

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