Limbaugh Slams Sandra Fluke Nod: If Anybody Is Going To Be Named Person of the Year, ‘It Ought To Be Me’


On his radio show Friday afternoon, Rush Limbaugh slammed Time Magazine for putting womens’ rights activist Sandra Fluke on their short list for 2012’s ‘Person of the Year’ award.

Telling listeners he “must be blatantly honest,” Limbaugh stated, “nobody would know who she is if it weren’t for me.” He went on to say that because he had a hand in making her well-known, he should be receiving the award himself: “If anybody is going to be named ‘Person of the Year’ on that basis it ought to be me.”

He continued with tirade against Time, saying that even if he were nominated, it’s not an honor that he would appreciate “because it represents a little bit of a screw-up.” He then slammed the media industry, as well, saying,

“But the fact of the matter that, that she is even on the list…you go back and you look at some of the Time Magazine ‘People of the Year’ from way back long and they were really substantive, serious people. You look at the short list and what’s happened is that Time Magazine and the rest of the media – the world now revolves around them, and their potential ‘People of the Year’ all happen to be media types, one way or the other. It is the most narcissistic bunch of people that you can run into – outside of Obama and his acolytes.”

Switching over to the topic of the Republican party’s potential comeback, Limbaugh said, “Well it’s the pop culture, it’s what im telling you: If there’s one area where we don’t exist, it’s there and that’s why I keep saying that our comeback is not going to be just political, it’s going to be cultural as well.”

After speaking with his producer “Sneardly”, i.e. James Golden, Limbaugh came back and told listeners that “Sneardly” said the reason Fluke was on the list wasn’t because of “what she did and what she says and what she believes or any of that,” but in fact, she’s only on the list because she nearly made Limbaugh himself obsolete. Limbaugh said he agreed with Sneardly’s assertion that if somebody ever came along and silenced him, Time Magazine would make them not only ‘Person of the Year,’ but rather, ‘Person of All Time.’

Have a listen, below:

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