Limbaugh: ‘The Koran Gets Burned All The Time When Muslims Blow Each Other Up In Mosques’


As the fall out from attention-loving, Koran-burning Pastor Someone McImnotsayinghisname continues in the Middle East, everyone is having their say on the situation. Today on his radio show, Rush Limbaugh gave his two cents, pointing out that Muslims should remember that they burn Korans just as much during their little suicide bombings. Oh, thank you, Pastor Whatever McPleasegoaway, for getting this big locomotive of cultural sensitivity started down the tracks.

“These protests are now entering their fourth day. Never mind that nobody even knew about the burning of the Koran – it happened more than two weeks ago – until these devout Muslims brought it up. Never mind that the Koran gets burned all the time when Muslims blow each other up in their mosques. And never mind that the US burned Bibles in Afghanistan back in 2009.”

Limbaugh then discussed the question of whether there’s a difference in burning a Koran and burning a Bible. He used this Mediaite post as a starting off point. The post in question discussed a Hardball segment in which guest Bobby Ghosh stated that burning a Koran is worse because it is “the word of God.” Limbaugh incorrectly attributed this theory to our writer, Tommy Christopher, when, in fact, Christopher said the exact opposite, arguing that Ghosh was displaying a “faulty understanding of Christian beliefs.”

Christopher wrote a response to Limbaugh’s comments here and even got an apology which you can listen to here.

Watch the clip from Limbaugh below:

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