Liz Cheney Disagrees With Father On Palin, Calls Her ‘More Qualified Than Obama And Biden’

ABC News aired part of an exclusive interview with former Vice President Dick Cheney this morning, in which Cheney admitted that the choice of Sarah Palin for vice president in 2008 was a “mistake.” Liz Cheney took to Twitter to voice her disagreement with her father and her overwhelming support for Palin.

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Cheney has been very supportive of Palin since her 2008 nomination, and tweeted her dissent with her father earlier today, arguing that Palin is more qualified than the current president and vice president.

When the book Game Change, a thorough account of the 2008 election, came out in 2010, one section of the book cited the former vice president as saying Palin was a “reckless choice” for the Republican ticket. Liz Cheney, in an appearance on ABC’s This Week, denied this was the case, saying “it’s not accurate.”


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