Magazine Pairs Amanda Knox Cover Story With A Knives Set Giveaway


If you’re a reader of Italy’s Oggi magazine, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself receiving a little extra gift with your next magazine purchase. And we’re not talking about a dinky little tin ring or plastic animal figurine or strain of E. coli in your Cracker Jack box, no sir: You’ll get a set of four knives, and what appears to be a pizza cutter! …Right alongside a cover story declaring that “Amanda Knox è Libera” (“Amanda Knox is Free”). As in, the very same Amanda Knox whom, as you may be aware, was recently declared not guilty of having participated in the stabbing death of her flatmate in Italy.

We verified that the photo above is definitely not a hoax or Photoshop job. In fact, a source in Italy tells us that the magazine “teased last week that they would be giving away knives!”

Now, it’s important to note that this magazine, which is something like Italy’s version of People, routinely features giveaways, and there’s a distinct possibility that the pairing of a knives set and a cover story on a young woman who had been embroiled in a case involving a brutal stabbing is merely coincidental. Still: It most certainly gets attention! We wonder why Sports Illustrated never decided to capitalize on the O.J. Simpson trial by giving away a pair of gloves, or why Parenting never featured a cover story on Casey Anthony with the chance to win a “mom’s night out for you and your friends.” Seize the fervor, you know?

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