Limbaugh Reacts To O’Donnell’s Interview With Cain: ‘The Libs Run A Plantation’


Can you make an educated guess concerning Rush Limbaugh‘s reaction to Lawrence O’Donnell‘s interview with Herman Cain last night? You’re right: He totally loved O’Donnell’s pointed questions about a young Cain’s lack of direct involvement in the civil rights movement, and his insinuations about Cain because of it. Just kidding. Obviously.

Limbaugh says, in fact, that O’Donnell “berated” Cain for “not being a good black.” (Our own Tommy Christopher even saw the interview as a “gift” for Cain’s campaign, describing it as “an interview that surpassed unfair, sped through the tollbooth at offensive, and came to rest in the parking spot marked “Reserved For Despicable.”)

Limbaugh continued:

This is the kind of thing that makes me think we are never going to overcome this divide because of the left. Now, they claim that they are the ones who are colorblind, they are the ones who are open minded and tolerant, when in fact they are the biggest bigots among all of us. No, O’Donnell is not black; he is the plantation master! The libs run a plantation, and the blacks in the Democrat party are the people who work for ’em, and in order to serve in the Democratic party as a black, you gotta toe the line. It’s just a reworking of the ol’ traditional arrangement.

Later on in the segment, Limbaugh expresses frustration what he sees as liberal politicians’ routine insults to the black community:

…Obama wasn’t authentic, he wasn’t down for the struggle. And when he went to Selma and started talking how his dad was inspired by what went on there and started talking in a black dialect the same day Hillary said, “I ain’t no way tired!” These people routinely insult their audiences.

Have a listen to the full segment, via The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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