‘Man On The Roof’ During Boston Bombings Drives Conspiracy Twitterists Insane

In the scrum of (mis)information emerging from Monday’s Boston Marathon attack, one picture is being blown out proportion—literally.

In a photo snapped and tweeted by college student Dan Lampariello just moments after the second explosion, a man can be seen traversing a roof deck in the distance.

Though it’s impossible, even in enlargements, to tell who he is or what he’s doing, a number of tweeters noticed that he was suspiciously unresponsive to the blasts.

The photo went viral after — wait for it — a Frank Ocean parody account tweeted about it, and has since been retweeted over 2,100 times. The “man on the roof,” as he is now known, has spooked enough people that a reporter asked Boston FBI Director Richard DesLauriers about him on Tuesday. DesLauriers did not respond specifically to the picture in question, but requested that more photographs be submitted to authorities to help the investigation.

While most are treating the specter as a harmless marathon watcher, or perhaps one heading inside to safety after witnessing two explosions, some news sites have led with headlines like, “‘Man on Roof’: Is This a Suspect in the Boston Marathon Bombing?” and The Sun, a British tabloid, said, “It raises the unnerving possibility that a perpetrator watched on as the street-level carnage was unleashed.”

Watch the FBI director take a question about the photograph, via WCVB:

[h/t Slate]

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