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Mark Udall Becomes First Senator to Use Emoji in Political Email

In a press release sent by his spokesman, Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO) became the first sitting US Senator to use emoji in a public forum. Even better: he used emoji to attack a challenger for his seat.

The Daily Beast caught the Senator’s email to reporters, which cast aspersions on his opponent, Republican congressman Cory Gardner, by negatively comparing him to his predecessor, right-wing extremist Ken Buck, via cute heart symbol:

Spokesman Chris Harris told reporter Olivia Nuzzi that while Udall doesn’t use emoji, the Japanese text ideograms “just seemed like the shortest, simplest and clearest way to show that on issue after issue, Cory Gardner is following the Ken Buck playbook.”

While we applaud the Senator’s campaign for using modern communication and slang to reach out to voters, we have to say that emoji seems to make political rhetoric a bit confusing. We tested this theory out by translating famous political ads into emoji. Can you figure out which is which? And do they strike you with deep-seated emotional resonance?

(We thought about translating the Willie Horton ad, but there are no black people in the emoji program, so that’s a bullet dodged.)

[The Daily Beast]

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