McCain Again Hits Trump Over Draft Dodge: ‘Certain Americans’ Evaded ‘Their Responsibilities’


Senator John McCain appeared on The View Monday. And once again, the Arizona Senator criticized President Donald Trump over his 1960s exemption from military service due to a bone spur ailment.

Following an appearance on CSPAN in which he chided the president, McCain reiterated his criticism Monday.

“[O]ne of the great in equities of the Vietnam conflict was the lowest income Americans went and fought and were drafted,” McCain said. “Those where were wealthy enough to have a doctor to say you got a bone spur, or you got migraines or whatever it is, then they were excused. I think when we asked the lowest income portion of our public to do our fighting and dying for us, that’s disgraceful. Nothing makes me more angry.”

McCain said he does not consider Trump to be a draft dodger. Instead he blames the system.

“I feel that the system was so wrong that certain Americans could evade their responsibilities to serve the country,” McCain said.

The senator also said that he isn’t bothered as much by Trump’s criticism of him personally as much as he is by Trump’s criticism of other veterans.

“There’s an individual who lives in Phoenix,” McCain said. “He’s 92. He weighed 110 pounds when he got out of a German prison camp. And he said to me, Senator McCain, why does the president not like me? That’s hard to explain to a 92-year-old man.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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