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McCain’s Office Responds to Chuck Todd’s Jokes About Him

Yesterday NBC’s Chuck Todd and Fox News’ Ed Henry were caught on a hot mic joking about Senator John McCain, and obviously McCain isn’t happy about it. His office shot back at Todd today, touting this as further proof of the media’s liberal bias.

In a statement reported by Business Insider, McCain Communications Director Brian Rogers said, “It’s not like further evidence was needed to prove the liberal bias at MSNBC and in the mainstream media, but Chuck Todd’s ‘hot mic’ comments asking if anyone ‘checked on’ Senator McCain for ‘heart palpitations’ over General Petraeus’ remarks on Iraq show just how quickly the media will try and discredit Senator McCain and anyone who questions President Obama.”

Todd and Henry were talking about how McCain was calling for air strikes in Iraq while former General David Petraeus, a man McCain has long heralded, was cautioning against doing anything in that nation. Todd joked, “I’ve got to think McCain must have had heart palpitations.”

However, Rogers pointed to an interview of Petraeus showing support for targeted strikes and took another shot at Todd.

“It should be embarrassing for MSNBC – but likely isn’t – to see that in another interview just one day later General Petraeus said he would support targeted strikes against the ISIS terrorist army in Iraq, which is what Senator McCain has advocated – so no ‘heart palpitations’ necessary.”

You can watch the video of Todd and Henry joking below:

[h/t Business Insider]
[image via screengrab]

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