Media Twitter Mocks Breitbart Piece Critical of NY Times Reporter: ’Literally How Reporting Works’


A Breitbart report on how a New York Times reporter solicited information was met with guffaws on Media Twitter.

According to the report, Times reporter Coral Davenport––who covers energy and environmental policy––committed the sin of emailing someone to ask for information:

“As I mentioned, I’m working on a story looking specifically at concrete examples of unusual secretary at E.P.A.,” Davenport states, continuing:

I’ve heard a lot of second-hand rumors, but in order to report these incidents, I’d need to have first-hand or eyewitness accounts. I’m looking for examples of things like, information being communicated only verbally when it would historically have been put in writing, people being told not to bring phones, laptops or even take notes in meetings where they would in the past typically have done so, eyewitness accounts of things like the administrator or top political appointees refusing to use official email, phones or computers, or any other specific, first-hand examples of practices that appear to demonstrate unprecedented secrecy or transparency.

A spokeswoman for the Times told Breitbart, “The email demonstrates the process of reporting and gathering facts.”

And, well, yeah:

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