Mexican Officials Grant ‘Affluenza’ Teen a Temporary Stay in Deportation

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An official in Mexico told the Associated Press Wednesday that teen fugitive Ethan Couch was granted a temporary stay in deportation by a Mexican judge.

The United States is seeking the extradition of Couch, who fled the United States with his mother after a video surfaced of the teen allegedly violating his probation. Couch and his mom were caught in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico after a call to Dominos tipped off authorities.

An official with Mexico’s Migration Institute said 18-year-old Couch was granted a three-day court injunction. He and his mother Tonya Couch were expected to fly back to Houston Wednesday; it is unclear whether Tonya Couch was also granted a stay.

Couch originally made headlines in 2013, when the then-16-year-old Couch drove drunk and barreled into a group of good samaritans helping a woman with a flat tire, killing four people. In a controversial ruling, the judge sentenced Couch to ten years probation after the teen’s lawyers successfully argued that he suffered from “affluenza,” and could not be held fully responsible for his actions due to his life of privilege.

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