Ari Melber Shuts Down Jerome Corsi Complaining About Mueller Mistreatment: ‘You’re The Original Birther’

During a bonkers segment on MSNBC on Wednesday, host Ari Melber shut down Jerome Corsi’s complaining over his treatment by Robert Mueller‘s prosecutors.

“[He was] basically was a thug,” Corsi kvetched about one prosecutor. “His technique, yawning, acting up, asking rapid-fire questions. I mean, I went in to cooperate. I didn’t expect to be treated like a criminal. They were treating me like a criminal, threatening to put me in prison for the rest of my life for memory mistakes.”

Melber then pressed him, asking him if he thought he found the “bad cop” routine “unfairly adversarial and trying to break you.”

Corsi then said the prosecutors even disparaged his religion.

Melber then pushed him further noting “surely” he was not suggesting it was malpractice or illegal to talk about his religion. “You’ve done that with the past president quite a bit. That’s sort of what you’re known for.”

Corsi did not think that was fair.

“You’re known as the founder of birtherism,” Melber shot back. “We’re not getting deep into it.”

Corsi then said you can’t show the original birth certificate information, prompting Melber to stress “we don’t have time for that.”

Watch above, via MSNBC

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