Could Michael Moore Be The Left’s Answer To Glenn Beck?

Maybe Michael Moore and Glenn Beck should get together and have a tea party. Moore appeared on the Today show this morning to talk about the yesterday’s 10,000 Dow, and Wall St. bonuses, and the coming populist rage. Watch this clip and see if his tone rings a bell.

‘I don’t know how many gated communities these people who are taking this 140 billion dollars in bonuses — I don’t know how many castles with moats around them they can build. But I’ll tell ya something: There’s an anger that’s building out there. … They burned down our economy … and now they’re getting rewarded for it. … My hope is that when the congressional switchboard opens in about an hour, that everybody watching this just calls their member of Congress, and say that they’ve had it — that they want this stopped.’

Now just switch in a random Obama czar for “these [Wall St.] people” and add some chalk boards, maybe a red phone, and voila! It’s the Left’s answer to Glenn Beck. MSNBC should really consider giving Michael Moore his own show.

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