Michael Moore: ‘I Wouldn’t Say I Support’ Obama…

The Associated Press reports that during a Wednesday panel at the Traverse City Film Festival, a conversation between Michael Moore and Susan Sarandon naturally took a political turn, with both liberal Oscar winners expressing disappointment in President Barack Obama but mutual repulsion against Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

“I wouldn’t say I support him,” Moore said, but however, “I would say I will vote for him.”

The Fahrenheit 9/11 director expressed that he has been “appalled and disgusted” by President Obama’s use of drone strikes against suspected militants in Pakistan and elsewhere — a move that has come especially under fire since the New York Times revealed the administrations secret “kill list” of potential drone targets.

Despite his disappointment, Moore emphasized that the president has done some good “and I cannot get it in my head to say the words ‘President Romney.’” The president, Moore said, “has a conscience. He knows the difference between right and wrong.”

If the president secures a second term, the controversial documentarian expressed hope that “he’ll be the Obama that we want him to be.”

Academy Award winner Sarandon agreed with Moore that she intends to vote for Obama, but added that “I wouldn’t say the White House has taken me under its wing and made me one of its best buddies.”

Sarandon also described how her politics have garnered hatred, fighting tears as she recalled a story about how a passerby called her a “commie” while she nursed her baby son; and how another heckler shouted “You should die” from a car as she walked with one of her children.

Moore reportedly consoled Sarandon and praised her for being politically active despite the criticism, which drew a standing ovation from the audience.

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[Photo: AP/Traverse City Record-Eagle]

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