Mika Brzezinski Praises Greta Van Susteren: ‘I Should Really Take a Cue From Her’

Morning Joe opened Friday with a fair bit of praise for Greta Van Susteren. The typically staid NBC host doesn’t make headlines very often — but Mika and Joe heaped it on for her biting criticism of the Trump Comey tape runaround. 

“I was watching Greta last night,” said Scarborough. “She’s steady and even.”

“She’s always so even,” said Brzezinski  “I should really take a cue from her.”

“Last night, she was really angry and she was angry because she said the president has taken us for a ride. For 41 days he’s just admitted that he lied to America. Lied to the world 41 days ago,” said Scarborough. “The lawyer in her just kept saying, there’s only one reason he would do this. To intimidate a witness. She said it’s witness intimidation. There’s no other reason.”

Scarborough wasn’t the only one to notice. Van Susteren’s feisty performance was picked up by Mediaite editors, which reported the following highlight from her last night.

“I’m not feeling worried about what he’s doing to himself tonight but what I am worried about is that the rest of the world is watching and the credibility of the person who occupies the Oval Office is very important. If it looks like he’s gaming things, intimidating witnesses, he looks like — he’s certainly not gaining a lot of respect in the world. And that’s the inflicted wound on the American people at this time.”

Brzezinski’s remarks likely reflect a self-awareness of her own colorful commentary of the Trump administration, which is regularly covered on this website.

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